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The 'Betterway' of delivering quality rental mats, uniforms & linen services with integrity to the Bay Area businesses.

Service Benefits

Our Golden Guarantee for You!

About Us Benefits

You’ll get three dedicated Golden West professionals working on your account at all times.

  1. Our dependable Route Service Representative who’ll keep your program running smoothly day in and day out.
  2. Our Service Manager whose primary responsibility is to see that you’re getting everything you need when you need it
  3. Our Friendly and helpful local Client Service Agent who’s always ready to provide immediate assistance.

Through the efforts of this hard-working team, we guarantee 24-hour response to any problem, question, or request.

Our Commitment to Service and Savings

No Investment – Golden West’s Products supplied automatically. You pay only a nominal rental service charge.

Save Time and Labor Costs – Engineered for maximum efficiency, Golden West’s Service Programs provide greater coverage in less time with less effort. A big plus when you consider labor accounts for about 93¢ of every cleaning maintenance dollar!

Top Quality – Golden West’s Products are tested regularly to maintain the highest quality standards.  Complete selection of quality mat, mop and towel sizes and tools to fit every need.  

Easy To Read Invoices –  User friendly, simple, and easy to read invoices.

Inventory Management –  Inventory Level Reports for your review and control.

Highly Trained Dedicated Route Representatives –  Our friendly, knowledgeable Route Representatives deliver on time- every time on the same day each week.

Caring Management Team –  Providing you a simple honest approach you can trust.  Professional, outstanding management organization team with a combined total over 80 years of industry experience and expertise.

Multiple Programs –  Rental, Customer Owned Goods & Direct Purchase Programs for you to choose from.


Rental Program Benefits

No up-front investment
Adequate Inventory
Lower maintenance costs
Complete 100% product recyling

I have complete trust in Golden West so extending the contract was not only a no-brainer but a win-win for the both of us.

— L Ceccato, Large Bakery Manufacturer