How Dust Affects Your Health


Like many things in this world, dust is one of those ongoing mysteries that science has yet to completely understand. What we know for sure, for now, is this: there is no such thing as dust-free. Dust is as present and as inevitable indoors as it is outdoors – and has as much effect on our health either way.  

Dust, in general, is a collective name for tons of small and micro-particles that abound everywhere. It can come from nature, our own dead skin cells, and man-made items and activities like construction, machinery, chemical use, etc. Dust can consist of large particles or ultra-fine ones.

Negative Effects

Allergies. Allergic reactions are some of the most basic of the adverse health effects that come from dust. They can include a variety of symptoms from sneezing to developing rashes. 

Some people react worse than others and suffer from allergic rhinitis (hay fever) which can manifest as non-stop sneezing, watery eyes and puffiness, and nasal congestion. Treatment requires the use of steroid-based antihistamine pills.

Asthma Attacks and Other Respiratory Discomforts. Asthma attacks and other similar effects usually come from finer dust particles. While larger dust particles can normally be exhaled without causing any adverse health reactions, some of their ultra-fine, microscopic counterparts can enter the lungs and stay there causing asthma and other similar effects. Dust and dust mites account for 64% of triggers for asthma attacks.

Exposure to Dangerous Chemicals Like Lead. Dust exposure can cause more dangerous effects to our health than hay fever. According to recent studies, decades upon decades of lead use have caused dust to contaminate urban soils. Some of this soil will become dust particles that get tracked indoors from shoes and clothing, and are likely to get ingested, enter the bloodstream, and poison us slowly but surely.

Aside from lead, other toxic materials from asphalt roads and gardens and lawns become part of the dust composition of our indoor spaces at home and at work from being tracked in under shoes.

How to Manage Dust in Your Space

Dust is everywhere and there is no such thing as a completely dust-free environment. The best we can do is minimize its presence within our indoor spaces. 

Here is how:

Keep doors and windows closed. Two-thirds of all indoor dust actually comes from outside. One way to prevent dust from coming in is to keep doors and windows closed as much as possible.

Invest in air purifying systems. Air purifier systems suck in debris floating in the air and traps them so they don’t get back into the air. While they cannot completely eliminate dust, they have been proven effective in reducing dust indoors.

Keep your air filters clean. Much of the dust ends up in your air filters and HVAC system. Dirty and poorly maintained systems help circulate the dust in your homes. Invest in better, newer ones that feature natural purifying systems.

Clean regularly. Nothing is more effective than regular and thorough cleaning routines to keep the dust at a minimum. You don’t need complicated tools for this. Something as simple as a vacuum cleaner and industrial-grade mops can bring you the results you need. The secret lies in consistency and frequency.

Stop dirt and debris at the get-go. Having the right floor mats at the entrance of your facility can stop tracked-in dirt and debris from contaminating your indoor space. Get high-quality floor mats and have them maintained professionally and expertly by a reliable floor mat service provider to get the best results.

Interested in getting help for managing dust in your business space?

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