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Towel Rental

Golden West rental towels are of the highest quality available. We take a lot of pride in the extra whiteness, brightness and cleanness of our towel products. We distribute products and services to commercial, and retail markets, covering a wide range of business segments, small and large.

Bar Towels

All purpose towel used in restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels, offices or other areas for wiping tables, counters and cleaning tableware. High grade absorbent cotton is made of durable materials and  stands up to heavy-duty use. Graded for quality control and specially processed for extra whiteness. Thick terry towel material is useful for big spills and drying.

Price: $0.00

Grill Towels & Grill Pads

Two-ply cotton terry fabric with cotton insert for heat protection. These towels are perfect for cleaning the grill and heavy charred surfaces. For stoves, cook-lines and all greasy areas.


Price: $0.00

Shop Towels

These strong, absorbent towels are great for wiping hands, tools and cleaning up grease, oil, grime and fluids. These shop towels are durable and absorbent enough for your toughest wiping and cleanup tasks with minimal lint, and fast drying. These towels are strong and absorbent for wet and dry applications, ideal for general-purpose cleaning of garages, shops, work-areas.

Price: $0.00

Glass Towels

Designed for critical wiping of glass & mirrors or anything to keep free. Manufactured with a red stripe this towel is used to dry dishes, stemware, and counters. Cotton Glass Dish Towels are highly absorbent, minimal lint, and fast drying. Towels designed to dry glasses without spots. They are thin, lightweight, and easy to use.

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Bath, Salon, Hand, Towels

These plush towels have multiple uses and for many industries, such as Healthcare, Salons, Health Clubs, Retail, Private Clubs, Athletic and Hospitality businesses.

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Rental Program Benefits

No up-front investment
Lower maintenance costs
Guarantee Consistent Quality
100% product recycling; Green Model

I really appreciate your excellent service for the past 9 years. Your custom logo mats and towels are one of a kind.

— Ha Nguyen, Automotive Oil Services