A better way to do business!
The 'Betterway' of delivering quality rental mats, uniforms & linen services with integrity to the Bay Area businesses.

Ready for a Change?

Ready for a Change?Ready for Savings ahead?

Puzzling invoices?

Unnecessary fees & charges?
Partial or no deliveries?
Unreliable delivery times?
Never an actual person to get assistance when calling?

Answering “Yes” even to 1 of these questions, we at Golden West believe that is unacceptable. Now ask yourself, are we looking for:

  • A company with invoices that are simple, easy to read and easy to understand.
  • A company delivering our complete weekly products
  • A company with Route Delivery Service Reps who perform dependable ON TIME deliveries, you can set your watch to.
  • A company who with each call has a ‘live’ ,friendly , and knowledgeable person answering the phone who also is willing to help.

Go ahead. You deserve a change.

Ready For A Change?

Ok, its easy… lets us show you how…

Yes, I'm Ready to Change

Contact Information

Golden West Betterway Uniforms, Inc
499 High Street
Oakland, CA 94601

Toll Free: 800.953.9292
Office: 510.261.4400
Fax: 510.261.4687

I really appreciate your excellent service for the past 9 years. Your custom logo mats and towels are one of a kind.

— Ha Nguyen, Automotive Oil Services