A better way to do business!
The 'Betterway' of delivering quality rental mats, uniforms & linen services with integrity to the Bay Area businesses.

Service Programs

Full Service Program

A weekly service program cleaning and replenishing your facility’s mats, mops, towels and apparel needs providing you a Better Way to enhance your company’s image.  Whatever type of business you’re in, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

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Custom Laundry Service

Customer owned goods, also known as an COG program, is cost-effective and efficient; the business owns or purchases the products; we take care of cleaning, repairs.  Designed for customers that have requirements for weekly cleaning service of their product, but only want required weekly cleaning of limited product to pay for what is turned in.

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Hygiene Supplies

An assortment of paper products, hand soaps, hand sanitizers, and air fresheners to each room in your facility.

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When it comes to corporate identity, a distinctive professional image is essential. With personalized logo mats, aprons and garments you will have a powerful statement about the uniqueness and quality of your company.

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Service Benefits

No Investment
Save Time and Labor Costs
Flexible Scheduling
Dedicated Route Representatives

The friendliness of the Golden West employees is a pleasant treat because one often gets the automation as ‘personal service’ and Golden West really has the person in ‘personal service’.

— Roger Horstman, East Bay Specialty Grocer