A better way to do business!
The 'Betterway' of delivering quality rental mats, uniforms & linen services with integrity to the Bay Area businesses.

Personalization Benefits

  • No up front capital is required because you don’t have to buy the product.
  • Each business is professionally surveyed for proper coverage, inventory, appearance and safety.
  • Professional on-site needs analysis of your facility to ensure the right look and fit.
  • Each program is custom tailored to meet the client’s needs and budget.
  • Guaranteed professionally cleaned items; delivered to you, ready to use by our highly trained and caring Route Representatives.
  • All products are inspected for rips, flaws, stains, gum, paint, etc.
  • Inventory control with itemization by product usage fluxuations; if the size of your business changes, we can decrease or add product as requested.
  • Choose from a variety of styles, sizes and colors.
  • Coordinate your orders, no matter how many products are involved.
  • We apply all decorative elements, emblems and personalized name tags for enhanced corporate image.
  • We identify all garments with a unique number and employee name for tracking (if needed) assuring you get only your assigned garments every time.
  • We coordinate your orders, no matter how many sources are involved saving you time & effort, which equates to money.
  • Our Route Service Representatives are trained to maintain accurate inventory levels.  Saving our clients’ money each delivery!
  • Competitively priced below Industry Standard.
  • Customer Service is our #1 priority
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed in writing.
  • A family owned and operated local business.

Service Benefits

No Investment
Save Time and Labor Costs
Flexible Scheduling
Dedicated Route Representatives

Golden West Betterway Uniform Route Representative service driver is a professional who is always friendly and knowledgeable, monitoring our usage and alerting us when we may need to increase or decrease our usual delivery services & products.

— Jerry, South Bay Gas Station