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Facility Services (Hygiene Products)

Guaranteed Value & Performance Delivered

Clean restrooms and facilities show your concern for the comfort and good health of your employees and guests. However, spotless, sanitary, well-stocked restrooms and facilities do not just happen. Here are a just a few ways Golden West can help

Receive product with our proven, dependable, on-time delivery service. Eliminate shipping cost or those frustrating trips to your supplier. Exceptional Value at Competitive Prices!

Our trained staff will install and maintain all required dispensers with no worries to you.

Golden West provided trusted brand names that provide proven performance and value a variety of towel and tissue products are available to meet your needs, as well as a full line of professional paper, soap, hand sanitizer and air freshener products.Facility Services Banner

Service Benefits

No Investment
Save Time and Labor Costs
Flexible Scheduling
Dedicated Route Representatives

Since we have acquired their services we have saved a lot of money. They are always on time when it comes to deliveries. If we need something right away they show up in a very timely manner.

— Daniel Torres, Flooring Specialists