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Custom Laundry Service (COG Customer Owned Goods)

Laundry Service

Customer Owned Goods such as Garments, Mops Floor Buffs, Rubber Products, and Fabric Belts used on conveyers, Floor Buffs…Bulk Products.   The Customer Owned Goods program is designed for customers that have requirements for weekly cleaning service of their product, but only require weekly cleaning of limited product and in return you pay for only that product which is turned in for cleaning.  Golden West has expertise in providing this service to customers who own products.   Golden West batch washes all customer owned goods; keeping your goods separate from other customer‘s goods treating your goods like they are our own. We guarantee you get back what you turn in.

Features of Customer Owned Goods Service:

  • Batch Washing  – keeping  your goods separated from the others
  • Color coded carts used –  ensuring your linens stay together throughout the process
  • Quick Turn Around Delivery  – Same Day, Every Week

Golden West is a state of the art industrial laundry facility able to process goods from small to large or very large heavy products for whatever needs you have we can accommodate under our Customer Owed Goods Service lease program.  Golden West if one of the only Industrial Laundries capable of managing your Customer Owned Goods program. While it is cost-effective and efficient; your business purchases the products (goods/garments); we take care of cleaning, repairs. We identify all garments with a unique number and employee name for tracking (if needed) assuring you get only your assigned garments every time.

Image enhancements? No worries, Golden West will apply all decorative elements, emblems and personalized name tags for enhanced corporate image.

Golden West coordinates your orders, no matter how many sources are involved saving you time & effort, which equates to money.

Service Benefits

No Investment
Save Time and Labor Costs
Flexible Scheduling
Dedicated Route Representatives

It is gratifying to have a vendor such as Golden West Betterway Uniforms, as we can always count on pricing staying stable and we don’t worry about hidden fees or costs creeping up. Golden West’s quality service and products stay consistent each and every week.

— Executive Chef, Large Chain Restaurant