California Mat Service 2021: Golden West Betterway

California Mat Facility Service 2021

If you’re looking to upgrade your floor care and condition, a California mat service might be the best choice for you in 2021! Are your floors ready for the new year?

The Importance of High-Quality California Mat Service

If you’re on the fence about paying for a California mat service, here are some reasons why you should give it a long, serious thought:

Floor Care and Safety

Good mats can only give you floor protection and safety for so long. Slip and fall accidents account for millions of hospital visits each year. You’ll need professional and expert maintenance to get the best results for longer. The right California mat service provider not only provides the right products and floor mats, but excellently cares for their cleanliness, safety, and optimum function.

Cost Control

Mat rental service cost is substantially lower than the cost of outright mat purchase. Especially when considering how it covers mat repairs, maintenance, and replacement. Mat service provides everything necessary for optimum mat functioning without the extra cost, time, and energy.


You can forget about your floor mats’ upkeep when you have the right professionals doing the job for you. The right California mat service makes sure they are clean and in tiptop shape so your floors remain as clean and as safe as you need them to be.

Golden West Betterway: Your Best California Mat Service 2021

When you’re ready to get the best California mat service in 2021, trust only Golden West Betterway! Golden West Betterway brings you:

Complete Commercial Mat Selection

Golden West Betterway provides only the highest quality products for you to choose from. Our products are certified-safe by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) for your protection and peace of mind. Our expansive collection covers everything from basic custom mats, entrance mats, and restroom mats, to more specialized mats like anti-fatigue mats.

Professional Mat Care

Golden West Betterway gives you the best professional mat care service in California. We use top-notch methods and facilities, and house a team of mat care professionals. With Golden West Betterway, you can always expect clean, safe, ready-to-use floor mats for your everyday needs – excellently, efficiently, and conveniently.

Proven Track Record for Quality and Reliability

Golden West Betterway has been providing top-notch commercial mat service in California since 1986. Every single one of those years represents the trust we have earned from our countless happy clients whose loyalty and satisfaction have kept our business running all these years. You can trust that our mat service is accomplished excellently, with great care, and with focus on your convenience, safety, and full satisfaction.

To Us, You Are Family

How we treat our clients is a core element of our service. That is why we keep our phone lines open. That is why our customer care personnel respond to your questions and concerns as promptly and accurately as possible. We don’t give you the runaround. This is the kind of advantage that only a family-owned business can give you. This is the kind of advantage that only Golden West Betterway service can give you. To us, you are not clients; you are friends – you are family.

Ready to Protect Your Customers and Floors Like Never Before?

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