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  • June 20, 2020
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At Golden West Betterway, we are working toward providing the safest environment for our clients and employees alike. As a result, providing our customers a CDC compliant laundry option is the only way forward. In keeping with the CDC’s guidelines, we have rolled out new and safer measures for our operations. All to ensure maximum protection for all, and to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Internal Measures We Are Taking

We understand that the first step to a safer business begins within our own backyard.  For example, we have hand-sanitizer stations at every entrance, exit, and major touch point, and have overhauled our internal cleaning and sanitation policies. Here are some examples of what we’ve done to strengthen our defenses against the virus:

  • Everybody wears masks. Golden West Betterway believes in the effectiveness of masks in helping us flatten the pandemic curve. That is why we have made proper face masks a non-negotiable part of our everyday uniform. We all have a responsibility to protect ourselves and others during these most trying of times.  
  • We make disinfecting a priority. As a commercial laundry service that handles and treats items that are designed for use in a variety of businesses, we have always maintained high standards and strict protocols in the disinfection of our facilities. We dedicate ourselves to adequately protecting our items and preventing them from becoming vessels of contamination. In light of the pandemic, we have implemented even stricter and more rigid policies, as well as upgraded our cleaning and disinfecting standards to make sure that nothing gets past us. Every hour, we wipe down our high-touch areas and items including our doorknobs and handles. 
  • Big equipment gets the same rigid cleaning treatment. Aside from our high-touch areas, we frequently conduct clean-ups and disinfection. This includes our large equipment–with high priority on the ones that get firsthand contact with your linen items. Touch points on our machines, the equipment that we use, and the interiors of our delivery trucks are all disinfected.

CDC Compliant Laundry and Delivery Standards Upgraded

We have also made drastic changes to many of our operational procedures. Particularly those involving our laundry and delivery processes to ensure utmost protection for everyone. While our services and laundry services have always been compliant with industry standards, we are taking necessary steps to provide better, stronger protection especially in light of the CDC’s guidelines on reusable table linens for restaurants and bars.

We are also taking new measures in our delivery procedures to be able to minimize close contact and maintain safe distance between our delivery personnel and yours but still execute each delivery flawlessly and efficiently.  

Everyone’s Safety is Our Priority

During these trying times, we wish to assure our clients that we are doing everything in our power protect them. We’ll continue to deliver the same service while taking all the necessary measures to maintain the safety of everyone. Thank you for your continued patronage. 

For more information, contact Golden West Betterway at (800) 953-9292.

I want to thank you for your business and tell you that I really appreciate your excellent service for the past 9 years. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Your custom logo mats and towels are one of a kind. Working with you has been great and I plan to continue doing business with you and Golden West.

  • Ha Nguyen
  • Manager at Speed Lube

For 17 years my company and Golden West Betterway Uniform, Inc. have been doing business together. Over these years we have grown to 17 locations and Golden West, you have been there with us at each new location’s opening. With each new location utilizing your services, reinforces the benefits such as all the cost savings on our floor’s maintenances in labor, time, and materials. Not to mention, the best benefit is the reinforcement to our clients with great logo mats Golden West provides and keeps clean for us. Plus another for advertising our name never hurts. As they say, IMAGE is everything!

  • Emilio Lopez
  • Favorite Bay Area Pizza Chain

We have always had excellent service from Golden West as well from all their Reps. Whenever we have a question or we need any extra service, Golden West has always been there to cover our needs.

  • Octavio Avila
  • Owner of La Costa Seafood and Taqueria

Our company has used Golden West for cleaning our uniforms, shop rags, and rug cleaning. They have been our #1 vendor for years. They are always there whenever we need them.

  • George Drummond
  • Manager of MDC Vacuum Products

Thank you Golden West for the excellent service that you offer us and for your friendly and always respectful reps. Whenever we have any questions they always have the right answers. Golden West has always been very flexible with our schedule and all of our needs.



  • Jessica Amercello
  • Manager of El Emperador

We have always had excellent service from Walter at Golden West. We have also had excellent service from all the representatives at Golden West. Whenever we have questions or are out of towels they are always quick to respond. Customer service has been great! Thank you!

  • Sylina Ausiello
  • Vendor Manager at APT

We have continuously, for 11 years, had incomparable quality service with Golden West Betterway Uniforms, Inc.

  • Warren Gambell
  • Bay Area Specialty Restaurant

Golden West has been a #1 vendor to us for years. Their service has been there for us whenever needed.

  • G Drummond
  • Large Manufacturer
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