Why Your Business Needs Antimicrobial Mops

  • November 04, 2019
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antimicrobial mops

Is your mop head starting to smell? Does the room smell worse when it’s just been mopped? You should think about trying antimicrobial mops. Here’s why: 

They Smell Better Longer

There’s very little benefit to spending good money on top of the line cleaning products just to spread them around with a dirty mop. Mops, despite being submerged in diluted cleaning chemicals, are breeding grounds for bacteria and mold on a regular basis. If you’re not changing out the mop head every day or two, then it’s just a matter of time. 

Antimicrobial mop heads make it harder for bacteria and mold to hold on and colonize. This makes the mops stay fresher longer, and allows for more time between cleanings.

They Last Longer

Because they’re less affected by microbial elements, antimicrobial mop heads last longer than traditional mop heads. When bacteria and mold start to colonize traditional mop heads, they degrade their fibers. Even when they’re washed thoroughly, the fibers of the head remain damaged and are not effective absorbers.  

Aside from losing mass and not absorbing well enough, they’re more susceptible to colonization. Mold spores are notoriously tough and resistant to any kind of damage. While bacteria is generally susceptible to cleaning agents, the mop head’s damaged areas provide perfect launching points for recolonization. 

Once a mop head becomes colonized, it’s generally not worth it to keep using it. An antimicrobial mop head will keep this from happening for greater amounts of time. 

They Clean More Thoroughly

A compromised mop head will lay down a layer of cleaning agent, but it will do very little to the grime that it’s supposed to pick up. Anybody who’s handled a mop before can attest to the frustration of a spill that won’t sink into the mop head. 

Employees less invested in their job will just keep pushing the mop along with the filth it’s refusing to clean. Then, when the job is done, the mess has spread its sticky substance over the floor’s entire surface, and it won’t be until tomorrow, when shoes are sticking to the floor, that anybody realizes. 

An antimicrobial mop will resist degradation far more effectively than other kinds of mops and will clean better, longer.  

They’re More Sanitary

The largest benefit to antimicrobial mop heads is their sanitation. If bacteria and mold can’t find a grip on the mop’s fibers, they can’t breed in it and spread it over the floor’s surface. With antimicrobial mop heads, what gets left is the cleaning agents, and what gets kept is the grime. Sticky floors, no more. 

Golden West Betterway Has Your Dirty Floor Solutions

Though antimicrobial mop heads will stay usable for much longer than traditional mop heads, longer isn’t forever. Eventually you’ll have to wash the mop head and, with every wash, the fibers begin to lose their antimicrobial properties. 

You need a quality, professional supply rental facility ready to change it out with dependable service, industry experience, and a commitment to your business needs. Call Golden West Betterway to put an end to stinky-mops. 

We have a wide selection of floorcare services to keep your floors clean and make your job easier Contact us at 800.953.9292 for dirty floor solutions today. 

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